Order a luxury gift basket delivery and have branding
for you or your company for up to a year! 
After speaking with many of my friends who are realtors I found that after they sold a house they would go out and get them a gift to thank them. They would purchase items like a case of wine, a set of knives, perhaps crystal glasses.​

All lovely items but not ones that will continue marketing for the realtor who sold them their home and would love their repeat business and/or referrals.
You can even have the packaging branded with your logo, your client's name, a monogram or a design.

With a Southern Luxurie gift basket the new homeowner will see the realtor's name every time they use one of the gift cards or certificates in the basket. Since there are so many this will be a constant reminder as to who they should reach out to when they decide to purchase another home or have friends that are in need a realtor's expertise.

And the realtor is always welcome to accompany us to a delivery. They are incredibly fun!

​Below is a sample 8.5" x 11" cover to the envelope that holds all the gift cards and gift certificates. 
Click on image to enlarge.