​​Moving to Charlotte, North Carolina


Have you ever been rewarded for moving someplace? Well now if you choose Charlotte as your new place to live you will be welcomed to town with a gift basket filled with thousands of dollars worth of swag and gift cards to the finest places the city has to offer.
If you’re like me you remember the good old days when you moved into a new home and your neighbor from down the street would knock on the front door with a bouquet of flowers, some baked goods and local maps of your new surroundings. It was a wonderful way to be welcomed to town.​​
Flashback to the 1950's Welcome Wagon
​Today there is a much more modernized and luxurious way to welcome new residents to Charlotte. Southern Luxurie owner Victoria Schweizer has taken the old idea of the Welcome Wagon™ from the 60’s and injected it with a ton of southern charm. The welcome basket is filled with a collection of high-end complimentary products and services to let newly relocated residents know the best places to go and things to do.

The baskets aren’t filled with coupons to the Burger King around the corner and 10% off of your first visit to the local car wash. There are no coupons, only certificates for complimentary services, products and best of all, gift cards with some of them valued at $1,000 or higher.

​It’s like the Oscars® swag bags but you receive one of these just for moving into town. There are a few ways to get your hands on one of these amazing gifts. The first way is to find out if your realtor has access to them. Usually realtors will get a gift for their clients and this makes for the absolute best thank you. Another way is through your executive recruiter or relocation specialist. When relocating to a new city for your career your employer wants you to feel right at home from the moment you arrive. The last way to be on the receiving end of one of these amazing baskets is by being chosen at random.

"I go online every Friday and research which house sold about a month ago and just bring a basket to them.” said Victoria with a little smirk. “The last family I randomly showed up to sent in an incredible review. It said, “Getting a Southern Luxurie gift basket to welcome us to our new home was like Christmas morning and Victoria was Santa Claus.’”

If you would like to be included in the welcome baskets you can reach out to Southern Luxurie at [email protected] It’s the finest way to market your business since your business is verbally recommended to the new resident. “Word of mouth marketing supersedes any other kind of marketing out there and research shows that most newly relocated residents form their buying habits within the first 90 days after settling into their new home.” said Victoria.

To send a basket to your clients please send a request to [email protected] 

For press inquiries please email [email protected]​​