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How to make yourself invaluable to
your real estate clients

As a realtor, you want y​our clients to have such a
uniquely great experience that they come back to
you in the future and rave about you to all of their

But when competing in a crowded market, how can you make sure you stand out?

Throughout the process of your clients moving out of their old home and into the new one, your customers will need a few things that you can’t deliver. But what you can do is have a Southern Luxurie™ gift basket delivered. 

Even after the home-buying process is done, it’s not technically done for your clients. Once they’re moved in and enjoying their new home, they’ll still want to get everything perfectly attuned to their tastes. Southern Luxurie™ curates a collection of local businesses and service providers that are highly recommended for once they move in.

 We have complimentary services, gift cards and free rpoducts in the gift baskets that add up to around $10,000. For example, if they have a few rooms that need additional furnishings we have incredible interior designers and decorators. Moving from the city and now have a big yard to take care of? We have gardeners and landscaping crews that are highly recommended. Bought a fixer-upper? How about having access to the best painters and construction professionals in town? Have more square footage and your roomba isn't going to cut it? Boom! The best of the best housecleaning and maid services around. Don't feel like unpacking your dishes, pots, pans, silverware the first couple of days? We've got tons of gift cards to the finest local restaurants. There is also a professional organizer to actually unpack and put everything in it's perfect place for you!  

Go the extra mile after the sale

Across all industries, one thing that businesses can almost always do better is client follow-up — real estate is no exception. In addition to making sure that your clients have the support they need after the purchase by referring them to local businesses, you can continue to market yourself. 

By doing this, you’re not only making it more likely for your clients to refer you to their friends, but you’re also making them more likely to come back to you in the future when they outgrow their current home.

Each time they want to use one of the many gift cards in the
Southern Luxurie™ gift basket they will see your name across
the top of the large folder that holds all of them. Each message can be
customized to whatever you would like to convey to your clients.

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Get the "quote"

When you do the work of standing out from the crowd, and trust
me, giving them a Southern Luxurie™ gift basket will definitely
have you stand out, you’re going to have very happy customers.
Make sure that you’re getting testimonials from these customers
after their purchase is complete. Then, you can work those
testimonials into your social media presence, quote them on your
website, and even include them on your business card and other
physical marketing materials. 
This is printed out on an 8.5" x 11" cover for the folder in which all gift cards are included in. 
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